Wherever there is a Blackstone System, power switching is made easier!
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Singapore-Based Company

Blackstone Power and Controls Pte Ltd was established in 1999 by a group of highly energized and experienced engineers. Customer’s preference for premium products with good prices has prompted us to set up the company.

In Blackstone, we focus on products quality as well as good services. We are able to customize our products to the needs and requirements of our customers. This business flexibility in Blackstone has won many of our client’s heart.

Blackstone is focused and dedicated to continuous product quality and excellent service to satisfy and meet customers’ needs.

In year 2003, Blackstone Power & Controls Phils., Inc was incorporated in Philippines.

Blackstone designs and builds paralleling and synchronizing systems for both low and medium voltages. Besides building generator control systems which are our core competence, we also build special customized control panels for our customers.

Serving a vast and diversified industrial and commercial market in Asia, the company also distributes a wide range of products and services in the field of Power and Controls.

Our mission statement:
Wherever there’s a Blackstone system, power switching is made easier.